ADB SYSTEM was founded to meet
the needs of the civil engineering sector for ecological advances

"Above all, building is about preparing for the future. That's why we develop innovative products that help our partners build a more sustainable future more simply."

Adrien Hemet, Founder of ADB System

The Coffrage
Pontoisien (Co.Po)

A secant pile wall is composed of an alignment of vertical piles. These piles create a retaining wall. 

To build a secant pile wall, guide walls are required. These are cast in concrete around cylinders known as lost casings.  

Traditionally, these formworks are made of polystyrene, a problematic solution in terms of ecology and human effort.  

Today, ADB SYSTEM offers builders the possibility of replacing these lost polystyrene formworks with plant-based formworks.

The system developed by ADB System transforms a laborious, costly and polluting task into an ecological solution (recycling of agricultural and industrial waste) that is more efficient than traditional polystyrene formwork.  

The color-coding also makes it possible to secure and optimize the phasing of the wall's primary and/or secondary piles.

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"Not having to deal with polystyrene waste makes us more productive, and the color code makes us feel more secure."

Adrien Hemet, Founder of ADB System

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